Thursday, 5 June 2014

Preparing for Layla's Baptism | Invitation Photos

Hello lovelies,

So if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen that I have recently booked I booked Layla's baptism for 20th July. Her baptism will be held at a beautiful large church local to us, Ben and his 3 brothers all got christened in so its a very special in that way to us as well. For me having this baptism is particularly important to me because I want to say "thank you" for our beautiful gift of life and to celebrate the birth of Layla.

We both have big families and friends so this occasion is going to be a big one for us (just like the baby shower was) so a lot of preparation has to be done. I've recently come across Pinterest, yes where have I been? hiding under a rock?! As warned by many that I would instantly become addicted and I can easily say I don't know how I haven't lived without it. Who needs a party planner or life planner in fact when you have this - I've being using it to find inspiration for Layla's christening day. The theme I'm going for is a girly shabby, vintage with lots of white/pinks/grey.

So after feeling inspired on Pinterest and having my theme set in mind, I got my camera and jewellery box out and snapped away some photos for Layla's invites............

(this is meant to be black & white but for some reason Blogger is making it a different colour?!)

There's me playing about with the camera whilst Layla was playing with an old jewellery box of mine and she had lots of fun pulling out all the pieces. I'll be using some of these snaps for the invites, not sure what ones yet but I'll have to make a decision soon! Not sure whether to have one or use a few in a collage form? I'll have to look into the designs but I'll be making a decision soon. I'll keep you all updated how the preparation is going for her Baptism.

If you fancy seeing more of my Christening boards and other inspiration then you can find my Pinterest over here.

Have you or your little one been baptised?
What do you use like to use inspiration?


  1. Brilliant photo's hun. Layla is such a pretty girl, she looks so cute. Good lick with the Baptism x

  2. She is the most beautiful little girl, awwww. xx