Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Month Baby Update

Hello lovelies,

If many of you follow me on Twitter & Instagram you would know that this update is rather late. Layla turned 5months at the start of this month so this whole post is based on her growing up in March. I kept on meaning todo this post and really naughty of me as had it all written down so apologises but I hate doing posts quickly as I want to make sure I write every detail of Layla! Anyway enough be babbling and let me get on with reading with our March update....

I don't think a month passes by in where I think "wow Layla has really grown up!". Ben & I have been saying to each other that we can't believe that she really isn't that little newborn baby no more. She's now eating food, rolling more, attempting to crawl, grabbing everything in sight and putting it in her mouth - it's been amazing to watch her learn new things. I've always spoken about her having a cheeky personality but it really has gotten more cheeky and has me in fits of laughter! She's a lot more vocal too, my mums uncle met her for the first time this month (he lives in Cyprus) and said that he thinks she will be a early talker because she was chatting to him so much!

A lot of things have been happening this month, we booked our first ever holiday to Mexico in June! We are going away in May to Lanzarote for a week with my family as my dad is doing the Iron Man over there so we are going to support him (yes sunbathing by the pool counts as support haha). I'm so excited for our holiday but I am rather nervous for the 10hour flight & jetlag for Layla...suppose we can only wait and see! I'm excited about holiday because it means Layla can enjoy swimming more. If your a regular reader of mine you would have seen that we took Layla swimming for the first time this month! She absolutely loved it, just how I thought she would, such a water baby - you can read more about it over here.
(Layla's reaction when we told her we are going to Mexico)

March this year was very special as it was my first ever Mothers Day with Layla. It may sound silly but ever since being a mum I've been dying to have a "Mum" mug, I love drinking tea (I literally have about 10 cups a day) so getting a special mug would make my day! My wishes came true and I finally joined the "mum mug club" (not sure if this exists but it should do) and on my mug is a photo of me carrying Layla with that million doller smile. The smile is just so infectious and I've had many people stop me in the shops to tell me how beautiful & happy she is, it just makes me so proud! Oh and that hair! Suddenly Layla's hair has grown so much over night - she's no longer looking bald like Phil Mitchell haha


I actually weighed Layla twice this month because she's been very sicky recently so I wanted to make sure she wasn't losing weight. At the start of the month she weighed 14lb 8oz and towards the end she weighed 15lb 5oz! Growing nicely!

Layla is still fitting in 3-6 clothes but I have popped on some of her 6-9 clothing on her and actually she is getting away with some of it. I have been putting her 6-9 vests on her and they are big but not hanging off her, not long till she's up another size. She's always been like this as I think she's quite tall (not sure where she gets it from as Ben & I are small haha!)

There hasn't been much change here Layla is still feeding every 3hours during the day and still drinking 7oz. None of her feeds have dropped even though she is having 3 meals a day of food. She's starting to want milk quite quickly once she's woken up now so I make the bottle and we have it in bed together before we open the blinds etc to start the day.

This month we've taken weaning a lot more 'seriously' than we have last month. I'll do a more in depth post about weaning Layla but we were giving 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) but now introduced lunch too. She's set nicely on 3 meals a day and she hasn't dropped any of her milk feeds which is good. Layla absolutely loves her food, its so cute hearing her go "mmmmm" when she eats her food, especially banana which is her favourite (along with strawberries)! I've introduced a lot more new flavours to her and she's loved everything I've given her so far . She has porridge for breakfast, mix of fruit puree for lunch and mix of veg for dinner. Layla is so cheeky, she grabs the bowl trying to eat it and constantly grabs the spoon from me to feed herself. I like her doing this because once she's 6months I want to try introducing BWL(baby led weaning) - it does get messy but a messy baby is a happy baby!

Sleep / Bedtime
Touch wood Layla is still good as gold at night and goes to bed at 6:30pm and wakes up between 7-8:00am (normally 7ish). Layla dropped having a bottle at night now but we have gone through a phase where she would wake up night wanting to play! It takes a while for her to settle back because she's all hyper not wanting milk or anything. I can't help but laugh when she is like this but I had to resist myself from playing with her (it was hard!) - got to be cruel to be kind so to speak. I think she was going through an early sleep regression period and maybe a slight mix of habitual waking but its stopped now.

There are no major changes to our routine, we still do the same kind of things during the day and bedtime is the same process since she was little. The only major change are Layla's naps. Half during the month Layla must have woken up and thought from this day on I won't nap! I've always let Layla dedicate her naps but she really has been resisting to nap this month which means come 5pm I have one grumpy baby. She becomes so over tired that she gets hyper and then moody bless her. Eventually once I get her to settle to nap within 5 minutes she wakes up! Cheeky thing.
(Layla in her new big girl pushchair!)

Loves/ Memorable moments:
Park/Swings: we met daddy on his lunchbreak and took Layla to the park for the first time. She absolutely loved being on the swings, squealing with excitement!
People: Layla loves being round people, she is such a people person and always smiles at anyone!
Playgroup: Layla loves going to playgroup! We go with my friend her baby who is only 2days younger than Layla and they absolutely love each other. One time Layla even slept on her which was so sweet and made me look like a big liar because I had just been saying how she's been fussing about napping! 
First birthday party: At the end of this month Layla went to her first birthday party! She had a great time, she was a bit fussy because she hadn't napped the whole day but when we sang "Happy birthday" she fell asleep on me! She loved laying on the bouncy castle when no one was on there and even showed off her rolling.
Swimming: We've only taken Layla once but she absolutely loves it and I can't wait to take her again - true water baby!
(Just before we were about to go to her first Party)

There hasn't been a day where Layla doesn't love the blinds being open until one day. Daddy opened the blinds and said "morning" and Layla literally growled at him to shut them. He closed them in seconds and she was happy again! It's only happened once and it was so funny - right little madame!

Teething: them naughty toothypegs still haven't come through and they aren't fun! I'm still giving her teething powder which have helped and your chewing everything in sight! I can see the shape of them even and your gums are hard.  
Napping: Like I said earlier you really don't like napping anymore and if you do you wake up in a blink of an eye! 

Holding/drinking from beaker: Layla drinks really well from her beaker now, she holds it better than her bottle!
Taking dummy in & out: Layla has now discovered that she can take her dummy out her mouth and tries to put it in herself. She will put it in the wrong way round most the time and I help her out but she takes it out again. I think its an amusement thing so I just leave her to it now and also I think you want to learn todo it yourself.
Sitting up: I've been saying for a while now how Layla likes to be more upright. She's actually been sitting up for 10-15seconds on her own now even sometimes longer! Its amazing and I really don't think it'll long till you truly mastered it.
Holding feet: This may sound silly milestone but Layla has constantly been putting her feet up in the air when she lays down and started grabbing her toes. I think soon she will have them little toes in her mouth! 
Raspberry noises: Layla has made similar noises before but she does them for real now. Her cheeks puff out and lips pout out and slobbers everywhere! She definitely learnt this from her friend at playgroup!
Rolling: Layla has really got the hang out of rolling and can do it both ways now. She does it alot more often now, pretty much every time she's on the floor for long periods
Talking: Everyone has said how vocal Layla is and she has defiantly become more of a chatterbox. She looks at you and talks baby talk really expressing her thoughts!
Laughing: this month I posted a video on Instagram of my dog making Layla do the cutest 'real' baby laugh. It was out of the blue, she was in hysterics of the dog jumping up at her. It was heart melting and wondering to hear! Another time I was putting the pushchair in the car and she started laughing her head off seeing her bob up and down - I kept doing it to make her laugh, people in Tesco carpark must have thought I was mad!
Grabbing: I said last month anything in Layla's sight she will grab and this is still the case! I'll be changing her nappy and she will grab the dirty nappy on the side even - nightmare!

 If you haven't already you can read Layla's four month update here.
How old is your little one?
What were your favourite moments when they were 5months old?


  1. Could she be any cuter!!! Layla is sooo gorgeous, love that shes a bit of a diva lol! growling when her daddy opened the blinds lol xxxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  2. She is absolutely beautiful like her mama, bet you're proud! I am so happy for you, and love seeing her blossom every post you update, it's gone so quick xxx

  3. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! Ohhhh she's super cute :)) and lovely to see these milestones and her growing up. These posts will be a lovely thing for her to look back on. xx

  4. Aaaw she is so beautiful and growing so quickly! Just a quick question....when you say Layla 'dedicates' her naps do you mean 'dictates'? Im confused lol x