Monday, 20 January 2014

My Weekly Sum Up Through Instagram

Hello lovelies,

I've been loving Instagram recently so I thought this would be a nice little series todo weekly on my blog so I can do a sum up of my week through pictures!

(left to right)
At a first glance you can already see I love taking photos of Layla or anything about her! She's my best friend, we spend every second of the day together so she will always be popping around as she's my world.

On Monday I went out with my best friend & her little girl shopping and we got our nails done. My new purse made an appearance aswell that I purchased in the weekend from RiverIsland! Then on Tuesday Layla & I went shopping again to meet up with an old friend from school. You can see Layla sitting their looking very proud (and cute) in her new coat that we got her for Christmas - its from Next (I absolutely adore their baby clothes!) She looks so grown up in a coat bless her! When we got home Layla was very tired so I put her in her new dressing gown and slippers before I bathed her. She's actually loves the telly (naughty I know!) but its ever so funny to watch her watch the telly. You may remember from my New Years Resolutions post that I said I want to go to the gym more and on Wednesday thats exactly what I done. I've missed working out and I'm really lucky to have a gym at my mums house so I can go whenever I want and take Layla with me (she sleeps in her rocker). I'm determined to get my toned tummy back! The sales are still going on and Matalan have a fab baby sale going on and Layla got lots of clothes from there - especially for our holiday in May. These cute leopard print boots were only £2.50 (I think around that price) - absolute bargain! I couldn't wait for the weekend because it meant I could spend it with my man and Layla together. We went round town, we wanted to go out for a walk but the weather was on and off raining so couldn't chance it. We got Layla swimming stuff as she will have her jabs next Thursday so after that we are planning to take her in the weekend - ekk can't wait! Finally on Sunday I went to the gym again, cleaned, done washing up and then we went for a lovely roast round Ben's (my fiance) nan & grandads. She made these amazing creme egg brownies - there goes my healthy eating out the window haha! Layla didn't nap that afternoon so you can see how grumpy she looks in the last picture, one minute she was laughing and then next minute crying because she was overtired bless her!

Do you love using Instagram?
Did you find any bargain in the shops this week?


  1. I've sort of promised myself that I'll post on instagram more this year and take more photos in general, more so that I'm actually able to look back on the weeks and months in photo form like this!

    Vickie xx | vickieblogs

  2. Aw your little girl is so cute! Good effort with the gym. I haven't been yet since having my son, which was four months ago!! Just been doing gentle yoga at home but must step it up and get back into fitness properly. You have a lovely blog, so glad I stumbled on it :) x